About Us

Welcome to ADEODATUS, a Catholic-based, ecumenical outreach program which has ministered to those affected by crime and poverty in the Philadelphia area since 2007. This includes: those recently released from prison, those working the 12-steps, those who have been victimized by others, and the family members of these groups. We are committed to restorative justice by working to heal the wounds and broken relationships caused by crime and poverty.

We provide in-prison ministry, a pen pal program, weekly support groups, a quarterly newsletter with the voices of these people, and advocacy for restorative justice. We are a program of the Augustinian Defenders of the Rights Of the Poor (ADROP)

What kind of advocacy does Adeodatus provide?

Adeodatus is committed to changing our present justice system to one of restorative justice – a form of criminal justice that works to heal the broken relationships caused by crime rather than simply punishing people.  This is because prison ministry begs for a justice component.  It is not enough to just do charitable works, without real change in the justice system to commit money and energy to restorative justice, the endless cycle of incarceration for many will continue unabated and their children will continue to increase the prison population (children of prisoners are six times more likely to wind up in prison unless the pattern is interrupted).  To this end, ADEODATUS is a co-founder of Philly RJ, coalition of key organizations in Philadelphia working on restorative justice.  A few of these are:  The <Federal Re-entry Court>, the <Office of the District Attorney>, <Villanova University>, <St. Joseph’s University>, the <Mural Arts Program>, <Heart to Heart Prison Ministry>, and many others.  Additionally we publish a <monthly newsletter> that gets distributed across diverse populations in parishes and other community organizations across the area to raise awareness of the issues in the criminal justice system and the threats these issues pose to the dignity of offenders and their families and a teaching unit for high schools/universities/parishes to use to raise awareness in education programs.

What does Adeodatus mean?

The name Adeodatus (Ah-day-oh-dat-us) is the name of the son of St. Augustine who died as a teenager.

Who are the Augustinians?

The Order of St. Augustine is a Roman Catholic Religious Order founded in 1256 that follows the Rule of St. Augustine.  The Order has thousands of Friars (religious Priests and Brothers) spread across several Provinces (administrative regions) worldwide.  Adeodatus is managed by the Augustinian Province of Saint Thomas of Villanova headquartered in Philadelphia, PA.